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Baffin Island, Nunavut

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Experience the raw beauty, unique wildlife, and endless wonder of the Canadian Arctic. Baffin Island (Inuktitut: Qikiqtaaluk) is the world’s fifth-largest island located in Nunavut, Canada.

Baffin Island is an incredible wild landscape and playground for intrepid adventurers, with sea ice floes, glaciers, and mountainous coastlines. It holds over 60% of the world’s polar bear population, narwhals and other incredible Arctic biodiversity. Baffin Island is also home to the Inuit, providing opportunities to experience and learn from those who have called the Arctic home for over millennia.

Our Partner Arctic Kingdom

Arctic Kingdom is a global leader in land-based travel, custom experiences and getaways in the Canadian Arctic. There is an Inuit belief that everything in nature is infused with the spirit of life. At Arctic Kingdom, we strive to create journeys that invigorate the spirit of life in each of our guests. The Arctic Kingdom team has been an expedition outfit for over 20 years, partnering with Inuit community stakeholders to run the trips safely, respectfully, and effectively.

If narwhals and this part of the Arctic is what you want to experience, this is the trip for you. As the Arctic climate is rapidly changing and with the increase of ship traffic in the area, it will be harder to see narwhals in Nunuavut in the future. Arctic Kingdom and Adventure Quest X have a special package deal for 2025 this year.

A Floe Edge Experience

Experience the classic spring floe edge where you may have the opportunity to view polar bears, narwhal and icebergs under the Midnight Sun. Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island where the sea ice meets the open water, and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate at the floe edge – also known as the “line of life”.

Want to go to the best places in the Arctic for narwhal watching with added polar bear viewing? Enjoy an experience with dramatic landscapes and icebergs of Sirmilik National Park, and possibly wildlife. Revel in the stunning landscapes of towering granite cliffs, glaciers and icebergs at our Tented Safari Camp with stunning views of Bylot Island, access to Sirmilik National Park and the world-renowned floe edge of Eclipse Sound.


Search for the unicorn of the sea, one of the most elusive and mythical creatures in the Arctic animal kingdom. At the edge of spring ice floes and icebergs off the coastline, marine wildlife congregate. Narwhals spend their summer months in these areas feeding on Greenland halibut, along with other fish, squid, and shrimp. They depend on the sea ice for their ecosystem and the breathing holes they provide. Narwhals play a vital role in the overall health of the marine ecosystem and are culturally important to Indigenous communities across the Arctic.

Guided by Inuit and travelling in small groups, journey to the floe edge for days of discovery; with good conditions there’s fantastic narwhal watching with the chance to see a variety of seabirds, polar bears, seals as well as possibly beluga and bowhead whales.


Schedule & Rates

Date: May 31 to June 7

Group size limited to 16 persons

COST: A 8 day/7 night safari package is $20,790.00 per person CAD including tax (approximately $15,383.14 USD as of today)

Airfaire package is estimated at $5,299.70 CAD including tax (approximately $3,988 USD as of today)

The combined total of the safari package and airfare package is $26,089.70 CAD (19,304.55 USD)

Note: The present price for the 2025 Arctic Kingdom Narwhal Safari is $29,970.00 per person CAD including the airfare package. Our special rate gives you a savings of $3880.30 CAD($2,871.15 USD)


Incuded: Safari Package including airfare, 2 nights in Pond Inlet hotel, 5 nights in tented safari camp on ice, all meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages while in Pond Inlet & camp, services of Inuit Guides and Arctic Kingdom expedition staff, all ground transportation in Pond Inlet and camp, hotel transfers in Pond Inlet, use of kayaks, drysuit, mask, fins, hood, gloves for snorkeling, travel package includes round-trip flights Ottawa to Pond Inlet.

Not included: Round-trip airfare from your hometown to Ottawa, polar clothing rental package (Canadian Goose gear rental for $895 CAD), accommodation in Ottawa, gratuities, personal expenses, travel, medical and evacuation insurance (14-day package $179 pp), additional costs associated with weather and/or layovers in Pond Inlet, Iqaluit or Ottawa, accommodations, meals and other expenses incurred during your stay in Ottawa.