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Svalbard, Norway

Join us in Svalbard, Norway April 30th to May 9th, 2024 and explore the northernmost settlement and its coastline in the world. Svalbard is known for the largest population of polar bears on the planet. See ice flows, glaciers polar bears, walruses, reindeer, arctic fox and unbelievable snow covered vistas.

$8,695.00 to $9,295.00 per person, double occupancy (2024)

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Join us in Isla Mujeres, Mexico July 2025 (dates TBD) for a gathering of whale sharks unlike anywhere else in the world. Rates include 3 days’ boat fees, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, ferry transfers, breakfast, lunch (on boat days) and the last night’s dinner.

$2,395.00 double occupancy, $2,995.00 single occupancy.

Kodiak & Katmai, Alaska

Join us in Kodiak & Katmai, Alaska from  August 30th to September 6th, 2023 to view bears, wolves, harbor seals, sea otters, eagles and a variety of sea birds in the beautiful Katmai National Park. Spend 7 days and 6 nights aboard the Coastal Explorer and have the mobility to explore the Katmai Coast.
5 full days and 2 ½ days of wildlife activity. Food and Accommodation.

$7,995.00 double occupancy

Guadalupe, Mexico

Presently, we do not have a scheduled trip to Guadalupe.  If you would like to be contacted when we do have a trip planned, please follow the “Book Trip” link below and fill out the reservation form.


Join us in Dominica to swim with sperm whales:
Nov. 20th to Nov. 26th, 2023
Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st, 2023
Nov. 30th to Dec. 6th, 2023
Dec. 5th to Dec. 11th, 2023
Dec. 10th to Dec. 16th, 2023
Dec. 15th to Dec. 21st, 2023
Mar. 10th to Mar. 16th, 2024
Mar. 15th to Mar. 21st, 2024

Rates include permit, boat & guide fees, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, drinks & snacks on boat

(2023) $7,995.00 double occupancy