Costa Rica

Cocos Island, Costa Rica


Located in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, 300 miles southwest of Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica, lies the renowned Cocos Island Marine Park. A rugged yet incredibly verdant island, this World Heritage Site is the spectacularly beautiful crown jewel of Costa Rica's many National Parks. In 1994 after several return visits to the island, Jacque Cousteau pronounced Cocos, "The Most Beautiful Island in the World". A protected underwater marvel filled with schooling hammerhead sharks and a plethora of marine life.

swim with humpback whales

Silver Bank, Dominican Republic


Our expeditions provide you spectacular surface activity with the option to swim with humpback whales.The Silver Bank is located 100 km north of the Dominican Republic and approximately the same distance from the Turks and Caicos Islands and is one of numerous breeding and calving zones of humpback whales. Research indicates that the Silver Bank contains the largest population of humpbacks in the North Atlantic Ocean, if not the world. Discover the magic...


Galapagos, Ecuador


Located approximately 580 miles West of Ecuador lies the Galapagos Islands, a naturalist’s wonderland. These enchanted islands provide a natural habitat for numerous species of unusual wildlife, made famous by Charles Darwin during his studies over 120 years ago and the inspiration for his “Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection”. The bio-diversity of the Galapagos is spectacular, volcanic in origin with rare ecosystems of flora & fauna with coexisting aquatic & terrestrial wildlife.


Turks & Caicos Explorer II


Located 575 miles southeast of Miami, the idyllic islands of the Turks & Caicos sit surrounded by turquoise waters containing over 1,000 square miles of living coral reef. A Mecca for divers from all over the world, the Turks & Caicos Islands are known for their expansive underwater visibility, high-voltage wall dives, and the profusion of marine life of all sizes located within their boundaries. Low annual rainfall and reliable ocean currents contribute to the remarkable visibility, as well as provide nutrients for the many large pelagics common in these waters.

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Kenya Safaris


The Masai Mara National Reserve (locally known as The Mara) is famous for the annual migration of wildebeest.

Stanley Wing Safari

Whales of the Silver Bank

Join the Stanley Wing Safari for a magnificent journey through Kenya and Tanzania.