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Costa Rica


Located in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, 300 miles southwest of Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica, lies the renowned Cocos Island Marine Park. A rugged yet incredibly verdant island, this World Heritage Site is the spectacularly beautiful crown jewel of Costa Rica's many National Parks. In 1994 after several return visits to the island, Jacque Cousteau pronounced Cocos, "The Most Beautiful Island in the World". Costa Rica bridges the northern and southern most points of two American contents. Making Costa Rica the meeting place of a variety of cultures and a density of plant and animal species said to be unlike any other country in the world.




Mexico offers you the opportunity to enjoy numerous water activities, and on the same day, explore its numerous Mayan Ruins. Experience Cozumel's colorful and clear waters of the Yucatan, explore the Cenotes of the Mayan Riviera, discover the wonders of the Sea of Cortes, interact with the Grey Whales of La Paz, tingle with excitement as you enter cages to observe the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island or snorkel with the Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres. Whether its wildlife, ocean adventures or delving into this interesting culture, Mexico has a lot to offer.



Panama - Coming Soon!


Discover the secret the majority of the traveling world is just beginning to discover, Panama. with numerous beautiful beaches, mountains and rain forests to explore. With an abundant diversity of vegetation and wildlife, Panama is a biological bridge hosting and ecological richness of numerous species which move between North and South America.


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An Incredible Experience

Imagine being next to a mother and calf humpback whale, in the water, while they interact with you.

She's All Mine!

See big bull sea lions stand guard over their harem, penguins, marine iguanas, whale sharks and more.