Antarctic Peninsula


Join us on a voyage of discovery to an awe-inspiring world devoted to nature, wildlife, science, and peace.Our expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula allows time for a vast breadth of landings beyond the realmnormally traveled, unhurried and intimate with wildlife and landscapes, sites others are forced to omit or merely rush through. Board the safe and comfortable Ortelius for an unparalleled ten to eleven landing days along the Antarctic Peninsula. Enjoy extensive exploration of the remote and iceberg-filled Weddell Sea, the many wildlife-rich areas in the northern Peninsula and South Shetland Islands, and wonderful sites further south along the western Peninsula.


South Georgia and Falkland Islands


This special in-depth expedition is the product of our many years of experience leading expeditions to South Georgia and our passion for everything it has to offer. Our itinerary is specifically designed to take advantage of the vibrant early season on South Georgia when snow blankets the mountains and early summer brings wildlife treats seldom experienced. Explore vast colonies of King Penguins, Elephant Seals in their peak of breeding activity, and colonies of Wandering, Grey-headed, Light-mantled Sooty, and Black-browed albatross. The landscape of glaciers pouring into the sea and snow-capped peaks provides rare beauty and photogenic impressiveness that words cannot convey.

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Kenya Safaris

Kenya boasts spectacular natural beauty and bountiful herds of wildlife, renowned for the Great Migration.

Swim with Whales

Thousands of humpaback whales migrate to the Silver Bank annually to mate and calve.